Sheesham and Lotus’ commitment to the preservation of music and tradition of the past is indelible. At the core of the show is a repertoire based on their love of the American fiddle tune, joyously played  with banjo and before long, a startling array of traditional and non-trad instruments make appearances.

Tunes played on jaw-harps, gourd banjos and homemade instruments like the Contrabass HarmoniPhonium add depth and absurdity to their amazing sound, as they sing into their patented Sepia-phonic Mono-phone, an acoustical filter into which they project their voices in stupefying harmonies, while playing ragtime and blues in pleasing mono-phonic delivery.

As a banjo and fiddle duet, and with their critically acclaimed trio, (Sheesham and Lotus & ‘Son) Sheesham and Lotus have established themselves as an act that has it all, combining astounding musicianship and fearless grooves with a show that is dynamic and entertaining.



Hogtown Hoedown
Toronto, ON
May 29th, 8:00pm

The Burdock Music Hall
Toronto, ON
May 30th, doors at 8pm, CD release

The Gordon Best Theatre
Peterborough, ON
June 3rd, doors at 8pm, CD release

St. Matthew’s United Church
Belleville, ON
June 4th, 7pm, CD release

Sudbury Concert
Sudbury, ON
June 6th, 8pm, CD release

Festival of Small Halls
Prince Edward Island
June 21st-25th

SO Festival
Lincolnshire, UK
June 27th to July 5th

Mill Race Folk Festival
Cambridge (Galt), ON
August 1st & 2nd

Tønder Festival
Tønder, Denmark
August 27th-30th

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