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stepThe High Stepping Music

KC Moan
F and D Rag
Got the Jake Leg Too
And the Cat Came Back
Mississippi River Blues
Sales Tax Toddle
Up the Wooden Hills
My Dixie Darling
Salt and Pepper Drag
Swimming Blues
The Blackberry Blossom
Green Valley Waltz



1929albumartweb1929 The New Kings Of Old-time

Sheesham and Lotus and ‘Son release their third studio album 1929.

Keep It Clean
Jackson Stomp
Sister Maud Mule
Georgia Crawl
Turkey Drag
Drunken Nights
Lazy Lazy River
Leaving Home
Viola Lee Blues
Mineola Rag
Giving it Away



milesFive Miles From Town

Duck River
Icy Mountain
We All go to Heaven When the Devil Goes Blind
Old Sugar in the Gourd
Five Miles from Town
Ora Lee/Old Folks Played while the Young Folks Danced
Sugar in the Gourd/Black Jack Grove
Shuffle About
Greasy Coat
Brickyard Joe
Speed of the Plow
Lonesome John
Forked Deer
Georgia Horseshoe




Sheesham and Lotus “Everytime!”

Saute de Lapin/Rooster on a Rail Fence
John Henry
Ida Red
Oughta Move Outa Town
New Money Rag
Lost John
Jake Leg Wobble
Old Billy Hell
Cutting at the Pines
Alcoholic Blues
Dr. Colby’s
Susan Anna Gal
Waltz of the People
Sweet to Mama